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Attention: Currently no orders can be taken - Production is suspended until further notice. Sorry!!!

Oriental percussion made in Switzerland

Titus Riqs are hand made in Switzerland by Titus Bellwald using the best available materials. One of his specialties are inlaid finishes using real mother of pearl with no filler use to get a seamless shapes but just precisely cut pieces and most carefuly handicraft. The Riqs are equipped with an internal tuning system and completely hand hammered jingles as well. A variety of synthetic and natural heads are available.

Switzerland is known for its high quality craftsmanship and Titus Riqs are no exception - having built and repaired percussion instruments for over a decade and been raised in a family of artisans, Titus Bellwald brings a care to these instruments rarely seen elsewhere.

Of course there's a downside - Switzerland is one of the most expensive places world wide. Outsourcing any work here would mean massive costs. Therefore all the work, from routing the frames, over assembly right up to the spray finishing is done by one person in a small basement workshop: panoramic view of the workshop

on the "models and options" page you can find all informations regarding the models, finishes, options and their respective prices. Finished drums that were not made to order are available on this page. Also check the facebook page for insights, new drums not yet here and for special offers.

Please use the contact form to order a drum to your exact specifications or simply to ask for more information.