titus riqs

What people say about Titus Riqs


"Hi Titus!
I'm thrilled with the drum, your work is excellent!
I could go on about a multitude of variables that I'm excited about; your flanged zill is extremely articulate and fast-it can sound like a typewriter; your standard brass zills have a great depth/body to their voice while simultaneously being very very responsive and lively.
Your zill slot width really allows them to dance and crescendo when shaken.
I love the 49mm depth, it's extremely comfortable. I've never played such a shallow riq, and it has a hefty weight which I like and I think this helps the zills stay quiet in the soft position, and I'm sure aids producing in the drum's rich acoustics.
I really like inside contour of the frame, it's very comfortable.
Your inlay work is awesome-I believe I mentioned earlier that your inlays are what first caught my attention about two years ago while perusing the internet.
The overall voice of the drum head is really warm while retaining great, very crisp articulation between all of its "notes".
I love it.
Thank you so much.
I could easily be tempted into procuring another one of your instruments soon"

"Hi Titus,
I just wanted to say how much I'm loving this riq! I love it!
Your cymbals are awesome.
You've been hearing this already I'm sure, but I just had to comment – your red celluloid and Abalone riq shell is breathtaking! I really can't find he right words for just how impressed and delighted I am to witness your creation here; You've seriously raised the bar for creating a functional piece of art."

Damian Carlson (owner of a shallow inlaid Riq with renaissance skin)

"Dear Titus,
I received your Riq today. It's really a marvelous instrument.
I both admire its careful manufacture as well as its incomparable sound
I want to thank you for your work and the time invested in providing me with this instrument."

Kurt Schauer (owner of a shallow riq with goat skin and renaissance heads and a inlaid Modern Classic with fish skin)